Friday, January 6, 2012

Minion Hat

I found this on Pinterest and immediately ran out to get the yarn. Much to my dismay, there was no pattern...ugh. So after finally finding a pattern I put my hands to work. After pulling the pattern out four times, I ventured on my first endeavor to make something without following a pattern. Tada! Who knew I had enough crocheting knowledge to pull it off swimmingly? So here it is:-)
Yarn used:
Red heart bright yellow, grey heather, white, and black

I used an H hook

SL slip stich
SC single crochet
DC double crochet
HDC half double Crochet

Using yellow
Chain 5 and connect w SL
Chain 3 Then 9DC SL in first DC
Chain 3 1DC then 2DC in top of each DC SL in first DC
Chain 3 1DC then 2DC in top of each DC repeat SL in first DC
Chain 3 repeat previous row
Chain 3 DC in each DC SL in first DC, repeat 7 or 8 times depending on fit
Using  gray
Repeat previous row 2 times
Using yellow
repeat previous row 2 times
SL around and bind off

Using black
chain 3 connect with SL
DC 5
Using white
SC in each DC SL in first DC
Chain 3 DC in each SC
Using gray
HDC in each DC SL in first HDC

Using yellow
Chain 6
DC in third chain from hook 2DC in next chain 1 DC in last chain

Sew it all together using the coordinating colors.

TADA! Good luck and have fun.


I have not blogged since September. My life has been a crazy crafty frenzy. A few months ago my neighbor told me about a Social site called Pinterest. I looked at it and requested an invite. Two and a half weeks later I had my own board and could start "pinning". I sat and looked for about a minute, thought "I dont have time to figure this out", and didnt think about it again...that is until I found the Pinterest App for my tablet. Needless to say, I'm hooked!
Who knew that I could find craft ideas, recipes, humor, inspirational quotes, and even outfit suggestions in one place? Well, my neighbor, but I never listen lol. Pinterest is now my new "crack". I even sent my crafty friend an invite so we could pin all of the projects we want to do. Well, we have spent 3 days sewing a few of the projects we found and we are far from done.
Much to my dissapointment, I found thatvyou cannot pin your finds from fb. Hence the reason I am back and blogging. I can pin my projects from here! Stay tuned for lots and lots of pics of our Pinterest projects